Meet Local Cyclists

 Mayor Tommy Battle

Mayor Tommy Battle

What got you (currently) interested in cyclying?

I have been cycling since I was three years old. It was a great experience then and now, especially how it changes the way you are able to see and experience your city. Cycling develops a sense of community.

What are the things you love about cycling?

Being outdoors with nature, seeing things you have never seen before from a different perspective. A hill isn’t a hill until you have had to climb it!

What types of cycling do you do? (Recreational, commuting, mountain, fitness, errands)

Purely recreational and as few hills as possible.

Where are your favorite local places to cycle and why?

Downtown and in neighborhoods. When I am on my bike, I see people and families out and about and it allows me to experience our community in a more personal way.

How has cycling impacted or changed your life?

It has gotten me from here to there.

If you cycled when you were a kid, what things did you love about that?

Besides the freedom, my fondest memories are the cards in the spokes, fashioned by clothespins, and listening to their clatter, and the bell on the front of my bike and its tinny ring.

What do you recommend to someone who is thinking about doing more cycling themselves?

Start easy and enjoy yourself. Don’t push too hard. Make it fun and wear a helmet!