See and Be Seen Report Form

Report “near miss” incidents with the See and Be Seen form. A near miss incident may be defined as a non-injury event involving motor vehicles, cyclists or pedestrians.

This form is not to be used to report criminal offenses. Data collected from this form will be used for informational and policy planning purposes, allowing the City to identify patterns and solutions to improve Huntsville roadways, allocate traffic resources and encourage safe driving behavior.

If you submit the See and Be Seen form, City of Huntsville Planning Department representatives or the Huntsville Police Department may contact you for further ​​​information.

How to use this form

If you believe your experience is criminal in nature, please file a report directly with the Huntsville Police Department. Potentially criminal behaviors include but are not limited to:

  • A driver who hits a cyclist(s) with a car
  • A driver who physically assaults a cyclist
  • A driver who verbally threatens to do harm
  • A driver who intentionally or aggressively intimidates (ex. Swerving car)

​​How to file a criminal police report with the Huntsville Police Department

If you feel you have been criminally endangered by an aggressive driver in the City of Huntsville, you may file a criminal report with the Huntsville Police Department either in person or by telephone.

To file a criminal report in person:

  • ​​​Visit the first floor of the Public Safety Complex located at 815 Wheeler in Downtown Huntsville. Filing a criminal report at this location is available 24/7 a day, 7 days a week.
  • Visit your area police precinct during normal operating hours. View a complete listing of Huntsville Police Precincts.

To file a criminal report via phone:

Note: These are non-emergency numbers

  • ​​​Call (256) 427 -7009 or (256) 427-7114

Click here to submit the See and Be Seen Report Form.

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