Bike Huntsville

There are many reasons you should consider riding a bicycle in Huntsville:

  • For Transportation. Bicycles are one of the most efficient vehicles. Bicycles can be vital for those who do not want to drive or prefer to travel by a method other than car or bus.
  • For Recreation. Cyclists travel the city, county, and state to explore the world by bike.
  • For Fitness. Cycling is a low impact aerobic activity that all ages can enjoy.
  • For Competition. Racing, whether professional or amateur, is exciting for cyclists and spectators alike.
  • For the Freedom. Bicycles will take you places you have never been.
  • For the fun of it!

Know the Laws

Alabama laws require bicycles to have a white light on the front (at night) and a red reflector on the rear. Alabama bicycle laws state that anyone under the age of 16 is also required to wear a helmet. Beyond that, wearing reflective clothing, bicycling gloves, and clear or tinted glasses; having a red blinking light on the rear; and having a good knowledge of bicycle handling and traffic skills pays great dividends. Having reflectors on your pedals and reflective items on your wheels make you more visible from the side and behind. You don’t have to wear fancy bicycling clothes but do need to wear light colors and include reflective features. The more visible the better. Also, motorists passing bicycles should give three feet of clearance, according to the Alabama Department of Transportation Act 2015-473. Three feet of clearance is also recommended for bicyclists when passing moving or stopped cars or bicycles.

The City of Huntsville prohibits sidewalk cycling. Read the ordinance. If you or your children use sidewalks, you MUST YIELD to all others all the time. Each year, approximately 20 of 7,100 traffic reports involve bicyclists. Of those reports, about 40% are cyclists riding on sidewalks. It may seem safer to a causal bicyclist, but it is a false perception. Rather than being less diligent, one MUST be considerably MORE diligent. If anything goes wrong, everyone involved suffers, especially the bicyclist.