Be a Bike-Friendly Business

Bicycling to work helps reduce your company’s carbon footprint. Not only does a bicycle not require gasoline, but it also has a more environmentally-friendly manufacturing process. Bicycling reduces your need for motor vehicle parking. Typically, twenty bicycles can fit in the same space as one car. Healthy employees are more alert, more productive, and perform better and more efficiently.

How to Make Your Business More Bicycle Friendly

  • Offer indoor or outdoor bicycle storage
  • Have a Walk & Bike to Work Day/Week/Month (National Bike to Work Day/Month occurs in May of each year)
  • Sponsor a Bike to Work Day breakfast
  • Offer shower facilities and/or changing lockers for employees who bike to work
  • Use or offer delivery services by bicycle
  • Offer discounts for customers who bike
  • Establish a bicycle-friendly dress code for employees
  • Have bike tools and a pump on hand for employees that bike to work
  • Adopt a nearby bike path