Be a Bike-Friendly Business

Bike-friendly businesses are helping to encourage Huntsville’s fastest growing form of transportation: bicycling. Why?

Biking is Good for Business

  • Bicycling to work helps reduce your company’s carbon footprint. Not only does a bicycle not require gasoline, but it also has a more environmentally-friendly manufacturing process.

  • Bicycling supports a thriving network of local small businesses on a neighborhood scale.

  • Bicycling reduces your need for motor vehicle parking. Typically, twenty bicycles can fit in the same space as one car.

  • Healthy employees are more alert, more productive, and perform better and more efficiently.

Biking is Good for the Community

  • Commuting to work/school by bicycle significantly reduces greenhouse gas emissions and local air and water pollution generated by motor vehicles.

  • Biking helps promote a healthy citizenry. Portland’s huge investment in biking is expected to save the city $400M in health care by 2040. (source)

  • Bicycling reduces traffic congestion. An MIT study conducted in Lyon, France found that bikes were actually faster than cars during rush hour! (source)

  • Bicycling promotes a positive, connected community. Not everyone can get a driver’s license (or wants one), and the cost of purchasing, insuring, and maintaining a car is out of reach for a lot of people. Other than walking, bicycles are the most cost-effective transportation on the planet.

How to Make Your Business More Bicycle Friendly

  • Offer indoor or outdoor bicycle storage. Learn more about the different bicycle storage options on the website.

  • Have a Walk & Bike to Work Day/Week/Month (National Bike to Work Day/Month occurs in May of each year)

  • Sponsor a Bike to Work Day breakfast

  • Offer shower facilities and/or changing lockers for employees who bike to work

  • Use or offer delivery services by bicycle

  • Offer discounts for customers who bike

  • Establish a bicycle-friendly dress code for employees

  • Have bike tools and a pump on hand for employees that bike to work

  • Adopt a nearby bike path