With many miles of existing greenways and trails, local pedestrians and bicyclists can enjoy open space along natural features and scenic roadways throughout the Huntsville and Madison County area. See a map of the Huntsville/Madison County greenways to get started.

Aldridge Creek Greenway

This greenway goes along Aldridge Creek in southeast Huntsville, with parking access at Ken Johnston Park on Mountain Gap Road and the parking areas at Ditto Landing. If you park at Ken Johnston, there is now a new section going north to Bailey Cove Road for about 1.5 miles before you have to turn around. There is a bridge crossing, which has an exit on the West side that goes to Todd Mill Road to join Bike Route 59. Going south, you can bike all the way to Ditto Landing without crossing a roadway. At Ditto Landing, you can ride further south along the Tennessee River greenway to the Madison County Marina. The total round trip is about 14 miles.

Caution must be taken when Aldridge Creek floods, as sections may be under water (Hobbs Road SE and parts by Hobbs Island Road). Even after the water recedes, please be careful as a thin layer of clay may be deposited and is very slippery to bicycles when wet.

Hampton Cove Greenways

Greenways in the Hampton Cove area consist of the Flint River Greenway, the Big Cove Greenway, and the Little Cove Greenway, all which connect together. Starting at the Flint River Greenway parking lot, going from the Flint River to the end of the Big Cove, then to the Little Cove greenway and back, and returning to the Flint River parking lot is a round trip of about 19 miles.

Flint River and Big Cove Greenways

These two greenways together stretch 4.4 miles and are a beautiful ride as they cross the Flint River twice in the Hays Nature Preserve. The Flint River Greenway starts at the Flint River Greenway parking lot on Old Highway 431 (where it crosses the Flint River) and runs into the Hays Nature Preserve and then turns into the Big Cove greenway as it heads north crossing under Old Highway 431/Eastern Bypass (just east of Publix). It ends at Cranfield Road in Hampton Cove.

However, caution must be taken when the Flint River floods, as the Flint River section may be under water. Even after the water recedes, please be careful as a thin layer of clay may be deposited and is very slippery to bicycles when wet.

Little Cove Greenway

This greenway connects to the Big Cove greenway after the latter crosses under the road to the north side of Old Highway 431, just east of Publix. The greenway parallels Old Highway 431 which changes to the Eastern Bypass. It goes east pass the two entrances to McMullen Cove and ends a little before the Flint River crosses the road. This is a distance of about five miles one way.

Care must be taken to monitor any traffic going in or out from the many roads exiting from the subdivisions that cross this greenway. Obey all traffic laws and stop appropriately.

Indian Creek Greenway

The southern end of this very scenic north-south greenway starts at Old Madison Pike where there is parking just east of Slaughter Road. About two miles up, you go through Creekwood Park where there is also parking and then about another half mile to the northern boundary. A round trip bike ride is about 5.8 miles.