Parking and Mass Transit

The following is information about bicycle parking and mass transit options in the City of Huntsville and surrounding area.

Public Transit

Bicyclists sometimes need a public transportation option that is bicycle-friendly. The Huntsville Shuttle public transportation system provides adequate and efficient community transportation services for the general public. For more information about Huntsville mass transit services, visit the Public Transportation section of the City of Huntsville website.

System Maps:

Use the following links to find system maps for the Huntsville Shuttle public transportation system:


Bicycle parking racks are available for use around Huntsville. The best type of bicycle parking racks is the individual looped stand. The next are the “wave” style. Avoid wheel-bending slotted racks or lock your bike to their side. Never lock just your wheel to a bicycle parking rack, as when you come back, all that might be there is the wheel. Best locking technique is to use at least a u-lock through the chainstay, wheel, and rack. Avoid cheap cable locks, as a bolt cutter can snap right through them.

Parking for Your Place of Business

If you are a business wanting to provide bicycle parking, see the Draft Bicycle Parking guidelines.

Nominate a Location for a Bicycle Parking Rack HERE!