Bike Maps

Are you interested in riding your bicycle in Huntsville but don’t know where to ride?

Whether you are commuting, getting some exercise, or just enjoying a fun outdoor activity with your family, Huntsville offers lots of bicycle facilities to accommodate you!

Please explore the bike maps below to find the best route for you.


Routes include:

  • Aldridge Creek Greenway (from Bailey Cove Road near Wrenwood Drive to Ditto Landing)

  • Atwood Drive Greenway

  • Betts Spring Branch Greenway

  • Big Cove Greenway (from Cranfield Road to Flint River)

  • Eastern Bypass Greenway (from Old Highway 431 to Quarter Lane)

  • Flint River Greenway (from Old Highway 431 to Cranfield Road)

  • Indian Creek Greenway (from Old Madison Pike to Creekwood Park)

  • Little Cove Road Greenway (from Big Cove Greenway to Flint River)

  • Tennessee River Greenway (from Ditto Landing to Madison County Marina)

  • Wade Mountain Greenway (from Spraggins Hollow Road to Devils Race Track)

Huntsville Bikeway Signed Bike Routes  

Routes include:

  • Route 10 (from Old Monrovia Road to Shady Lane Drive)

  • Route 11 (from Sutton Road to US Highway 431)

  • Route 15 (from Holmes Avenue to Village Drive)

  • Route 19 (from Johnson Road to Four Mile Post Road)

  • Route 20 (from Hickory Hill Lane to Aldridge Creek Greenway)

  • Route 21 (from Pratt Avenue to Echols Avenue)

  • Route 22 (from Magna Carta Place/Saint Alban Boulevard to Mountain Gap Road/Bailey Cove Road)

  • Route 24 (from Williams Street to Adams Street)

  • Route 25 (from Dry Creek Greenway to Clubview Drive)

  • Route 30 (from RSA Gate 1/Martin Road to Old Highway 431/Big Cove Greenway)

  • Route 31 (from Indian Creek Road/Dan Tibbs Road to Voyager Way/Old Madison Pike)

  • Route 31A Connector (from Discovery Drive/Explorer Boulevard to Boulevard)

  • Route 35 (from Oakwood Avenue to Holmes Avenue)

  • Route 40 (from Patton Road/Telstar Circle to Queensbury Drive/Chadwell Road)

  • Route 41 (from Adventist Boulevard/Wynn Drive to Wynn Drive/Old Madison Pike/USSRC)

  • Route 45 (from Stringfield Road/Rickwood Drive to Sparkman Drive/Bob Wallace Avenue/Governors House Drive)

  • Route 46 (from Mooresville Road/Old Highway 20 to Old Highway 20/Madison Boulevard)

  • Route 46A (from Old Hwy 20/Pryor Road to Southwest Rockhouse Road/Wheeler National Wildlife Refuge/Tennesse River)

  • Route 47 Connector (from Grizzard Road/Shady Lane Drive to Brookline Drive/Oakwood Avenue)

  • Route 49 (from Holmes Avenue/14th Street to McCalley Place/Village Drive)

  • Route 50 (USSRC/Governors House Drive to Drake Avenue/Hastings Road)

  • Route 51 (from Gladstone Drive/Maysville Road/Epworth Drive to Telstar Circle/Patton Road)

  • Route 52 (from Governors Drive/Highway 431 to King Drake Road/Dug Hill Road)

  • Route 53 (from Magna Carta Place/Saint Alban Boulevard to Green Cove Road/Bailey Cove Road)

  • Route 54 (from Holmes Avenue/Monroe Street to Hermitage Avenue/Kennamer Drive)

  • Route 55 (from Pulaski Pike/Wade Mountain Greenway to Chaney Thompson Road/Green Cove Road – near Aldridge Creek greenway)

  • Route 59 (from Winchester Road/Blue Spring Road to Wynterhall Road/Chaney Thompson Road)

  • Route 60 (from Farrow Road/Slaughter Road to Bankhead Parkway – in Monte Sano State Park)

  • Route 60A (from Farrow Road/Explorer Boulevard to Explorer Boulevard/Enterprise Way)

  • Route 64 (from King Road/Oakwood Road to High Mountain Road/Harris Hill Boulevard)

  • Route 65 (from Holmes Avenue to Governors Drive)

  • Route 66 (from Cole Drive to US Highway 431)

  • Route 69 (from Wade Mountain Preserve/Spragins Hollow Road to Ditto Marina Parkway/Hobbs Island Road)

  • Route 70 (from Indian Creek Road/Plummer Road to Old Gurley Road/Sheilds Road)

  • Route 71 (from Fearn Street/Bankhead Parkway to Old Big Cove Road/Michelle Drive)

  • Route 73 (from Miller Lane/James Road to Terry Drake Road/Old Big Cove Road)

  • Route 73A Connector (from Old Big Cove Road/Miller Lane to Caldwell Lane/King Drake Road)

  • Route 74 (from Indian Creek Road/Dan Tibbs Road to Jordan Road/Homer Nance Road/Tanglefoot Drive)

  • Route 75 (from Ryland Pike/Dug Hill Road/King Drake Road to Cranfield Road/Big Cove Greenway)

  • Route 76 (from Pulaski Pike/Winchester Road to Chase Road/Colemont Lane)

  • Route 80 (from Patton Road to Chadwell Drive)

  • Route 100 (from Slaughter Road to Wynn Drive)

Did you know Huntsville is developing more bicycle-friendly facilities? Check out the Bikeway Plan for more information.